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Purebred, healthy, with a strong psyche and breed temperament of a real Schnauzer, excellently raised puppies - that's what we breed for and develop the kennel.

An important aspect is a serenity regarding the well-being of our puppies. Therefore, the main criteria in choosing future owners are their responsibility, sincerity, love, and patience. And with the rest, we are ready to support and help.
  • Each litter in our kennel is long-awaited, sometimes planned 4-6 years beforehand.
  • We do not have an endless stream of puppies.
  • Generally, we can afford a maximum of 2-3 litters a year. Each litter of puppies will require at least 3-4 months of constant care and attention.
  • The health of our adult dogs and producers from other kennels, which we use for mating with our dogs, comes first. We do not mate in order to obtain mythical profits, so we are cautious in selecting a producer's couple, caring for puppies and future owners.
  • We are a family kennel, and this principle will remain unchanged for the well-being of our dogs. We do not have enclosures or separate rooms for our dogs. All puppies are raised in a home-like atmosphere. Each puppy is surrounded with individual care and attention from birth.
  • Our family veterinarian in the kennel constantly monitors the growth and development of puppies, the procedure of treatment against parasites, and vaccinations.
  • Our puppies are raised on a species-specific natural diet without industrial food. Zwerg puppies are given homemade yogurt made on the special sourdough starter, quail eggs, and meat (turkey, duck, horse meat) from their first complementary feeding. No dry food! A puppy's health is very important to us. Should you decide to feed your puppy commercially, that is your own decision, and we will be able to recommend certain holistic nutritional choices.
  • The price of puppies is formed individually and depends on many factors (the parent combination, the show potential of the puppy itself, the number of puppies in the litter, etc.).
  • The preliminary free reserve is possible in advance, even before the birth of a litter. In our kennel most puppies usually have potential owners at the time of birth. A preliminary free of charge reservation is made without any prepayment. Just fill in the Application form (all information is confidential and will not be passed to third parties). We will reach out to you by the contacts indicated in the application form within 24 hours. Then we will discuss details individually.
  • A puppy is considered reserved and is removed from the sale only after paying a deposit for it (25% of the total cost of the puppy. This is only possible after the puppy is 30 days old. Further on, the puppy is waiting just for you; it is not offered to anyone else and is marked as reserved.
  • If you want to have the puppy transported to the European Union, we will raise the puppy, socialize, train it, and provide family care till the age of transportation. The additional payment for three months of confinement and maintenance is required.
It is important to us that our puppies end up in families where they will be as well cared for and loved as they were in their birth home.

After getting to know you and discussing your wishes about the character and temperament of the puppy, your expectations of living together, I will be able to recommend a particular puppy or a planned litter.

I don't recommend relying on "random choices" when you arrive, you watch, a puppy winks and you see the "signs of destiny." Often the first impression is deceptive. While we watch puppies every day, and know the personality of each one. It is very important that the puzzle of mutual correspondence match each other perfectly.
· At the time of moving all puppies are officially registered in the Ukrainian Kennel Union and chipped. Each has a document of the UKU - FCI and a veterinary passport with marks of dehelminthization and vaccination

· Puppies move to a new home not earlier than 12 weeks of age after two vaccinations. At this age they are no longer attached to their mother, can travel freely, walk outside and have a full life with their family. Until this age puppies undergo primary socialization at our home and they receive the maximum attention, games and fences.

· If you do not live in Kiev, but in one of the cities of Ukraine, we will discuss with you personally how to make a safe delivery of a puppy. In any case, it is impossible to send a puppy by train or other public transport with a third party. First and foremost is the safety of the puppy. Very often owners come to us in person, or, if this is not possible, we discuss the delivery details individually.
· Sending abroad is only possible according to the official rules for bringing a puppy into a certain country abroad. Our puppies live in 19 countries including the USA, Europe, UK and Scandinavia. All questions about shipping a puppy abroad are solved during personal negotiations, and under the condition that all the rules of official importation into the country are followed.
❌ Without documents
Without documents

❌ For cage housing or living in isolated kennels.

❌ To breeders with separate dog kennels.

❌ Puppies "for the kids" if the parents are not ready for ALL the care to fall on them.

❌ Puppies as gifts without prior agreement and communication with the person to whom the gift is intended.

❌ We do not provide a guarantee that each of our puppy will grow into a champion winner, notwithstanding the fact, that many of our Alumni become National Champions, ISPU and International champions. If you want a puppy for show and breeding, you'd better discuss it with me.

If you still have questions, please contact me.
I'm always happy to meet new people.
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