This page contains a selection of answers to questions that prospective owners often ask about our kennel and the miniature schnsuzer breed itself.
Can I come to you and get acquainted with the breed?
I will gladly introduce you to our little zwergs and tell you about the breed. You can meet me and our Zwergschnauzers by appointment, meet me in the handling hall where I train with them, or at the show. It is possible to arrange a joint walk in the city.
I do not give tours at the kennel on our private territory.
We are a family kennel, with no enclosures or separate kennels. It is a home where our family and our dogs live. Our dogs are unlikely to be happy to see strangers on their property, and of course, such a visit would make the whole family uncomfortable.
Who to choose, male or female?
It is difficult to answer this question in a short format. A detailed article on this subject is sure to appear on our website. But for now, I will say that if you have children under the age of 10, or if you have little experience living together with dogs, you should consider the male Zwerg dogs.

They are very open, communicative, and controllable while being easy to get along with children. Bitches are a bit more cunning than males and can try to rear your children - this is worth considering in your choice. As for loyalty, affection, and tenderness, both genders are good. Obedience depends not on the gender of the dog but on the level of education and contact with the owner. That said, if the male dog quickly agrees to what is not allowed, the female will check several times - how far is not allowed.

Among other things, it is worth considering the physiology of the female, whether you are ready to face the issues of heat, possible false pregnancies and different nuances. If you have little experience in keeping and raising schnauzers, you should discuss the details with the breeder and only then make a decision.
When can I take my puppy home with me? At what age.
Pay attention to the age at which the breeder offers to pick up the puppy. A responsible, experienced breeder will not offer you to pick up a Zwergschnauzer puppy before the first vaccination at the age of 2 months.

With us, you can pick up a puppy at the age of 12 weeks at the earliest, after two vaccinations. At this age, the puppy is already fully socialized with other dogs (the early development period is just as important as socialization with you in the city), and you can safely walk him on the street from the first day.

Puppies at 3 - 8 months of age are still puppies, and they get used to their new family and home just as quickly, simply because they can distinguish the difference between the breeder and the owner. A Zwergschnauzer will love someone who gives him time, is engaged with him, and takes care of him.

So if your schedule doesn't allow for proper attention and you can't provide 5 and 4 meals a day for a small puppy, it's worth looking into older puppies or even junior dogs.
What documents will the puppy have?
At the time of moving all puppies are officially registered in the Ukrainian Kennel Union and microchipped. Each has a document of UKU - FCI and a veterinary passport with marks of deworming and vaccinations.

Some background information: FCI - International Cynology Federation (French Fédération Cynologique Internationale). The federation includes national kennel organizations from 98 countries, one from each country. The Ukrainian Kennel Union is a part of the FCI. There are 349 registered dog breeds in the FCI system.
Do you provide consultations to owners after the purchase of a puppy?
Of course, I communicate with the owners of our puppies, I can advise them on feeding, training, or tell them where to go in an emergency.

We also have discounts on purchasing food for our kennel puppies in Ukraine.
Why are the prices of puppies in your kennel different?
It is essential to understand that if you are looking for a puppy born from high-quality parents with titles and genetic tests, with a strong temperament and excellent health - these puppies can't be cheap.

The cost of puppies in different litters can vary, depending on the pedigree of the parents and the value of mating.

In fact, one should take into consideration that the producers brought from good European kennels are much more expensive than puppies, which are sold in Ukraine from them. It is the reality. So our kennel is an expensive hobby.

I can also say that the price of a female puppy is usually higher than of a male puppy.

To learn more about buying a puppy from us, see the BUYING PROCEDURE
Do you crop tails and ears if asked?
All puppies are born and stay with us to grow in their natural form - with long tails and natural ears.

Our goal is to breed Zwergschnauzers in the classic European type, and the breed standard describes a Schnauzer in "natural format". Everything else is a personal preference of the owners.
Is it necessary to feed "raw food" to a puppy purchased
from you?
I think it is wrong to impose my choice on how to feed your pet. I can tell you why I prefer to feed my Zwergschnauzers natural raw meat (turkey, duck, horse meat, beef), and what extra vitamins I give, but in the future the owners decide for themselves.

In addition, I will recommend which industrial feeds are best suited for your puppy, so we can be sure that you take good care of your mini.
I am not planning to breed or show.
Can I buy a puppy
from you?
Of course, you can have a puppy from our kennel just as a dog family member.

I do not insist on participating in shows because this hobby is a kind of a professional sport combined with a show. To join shows, you have to train the dog and do special show grooming. Therefore, I am well aware that not everyone is interested, and not everyone is willing to spend personal weekends and free time at shows or in preparation for shows.

Your decision to go to shows does not affect choosing you as the owner, and you can get a beautiful show puppy "for yourself", but that does not affect the cost of the puppy.

Also, if you are planning to buy a puppy specifically for show career or breeding, it is better to discuss this in advance so that I can recommend a particular puppy or litter. I will be glad to support you in this matter.
Do you recommend miniature schnauzer as a toy breed? What is the weight and size of these dogs?
Zwergschnauzer, or as it is also called the miniature schnauzer, is the smallest representative of the Schnauzer group, which also includes the Riesenschnauzer and Mittelschnauzer, and is a small dog measuring up to 36 cm at the shoulder and weighing about 6 to 8 kg.

The compact size of this breed is by no means a sign that it is a miniature breed. The main idea: Zwergschnauzer is a big dog with a small body. They have a solid muscular build and are agile and hardy. These dogs have a strong and stable temperament. They are excellent trainers and quickly adapt to new situations, are comfortable at home, and are wonderful family companions. Zwergs absolutely do not consider themselves small and are willing to be on an equal footing even with large dogs.

Miniature Schnauzers are recognized as the smallest service breed in the world. They can't be treated as typical toy doggy. Therefore, if you want to engage in training or sports with your Zwerg, he will gladly support and implement your ideas.
What kind of character do dogs of this breed have?
In short, the character is wonderful. Active life-lovers and positive friends, affectionate and attentive to the owner, watchful protector and distrustful of strangers - that's what they are, real Zwergschnauzers.
I often call miniature schnauzers as the SMART schnauzer format.
They are companions, and that speaks for itself.

A Zwergschnauzer will quickly investigate the habits of each family member, find an approach to each person, understand and accept the family's rules - what is allowed and what is not. Most importantly, the owners are consistent and do not change the game's rules as the Mini grows up.

Zwergs are playful and outgoing. They love to be around the family or owner. That said, they are unobtrusive. That means, if the owner does not want to play and wants to rest, the Zwerg will nestle nearby and sleep. They also love to be with the owner in the kitchen, study, and nursery, and they will actively participate and help with household chores because they are companions. Miniature Schnauzers, like all Schnauzers, are pretty clever but not vindictive. Rather, they are simply smart and resourceful. Thanks to their wit and charm, Zwergs easily find a way to get what they want. So it's essential to make it clear to your puppy that he should follow your rules

Can I have a Zwergschnauzer if there is a small child or children of different ages at home?
Zwergschnauzers are friendly and safe for small children. They will gladly play and be friends with children but will not act as babysitters or toys. At the same time, the Zwerg will be inferior to the child in games because it a priori perceives the child as a mentee or younger friend.

It is important that you have enough time to pay attention to both child and puppy separately.

Among the owners of our puppies, there are families with two and three children, and in each case, we choose an active and communicative puppy whose temperament is suitable for a large family.

We have experience acquiring a Zwergschnauzer as a therapy dog for a child since Zwergschnauzers are very positive, social, and intelligent companions.

If you are planning to get a puppy for a family with children aged 10+ years, in any case, you should consider that the whole responsibility for education and care will fall on your shoulders. So first and foremost, the decision is yours.
Is grooming miniature schnauzer challenging?
Do they shed?
Zwerg schnauzers belong to the group of harsh coated breeds. They are not characterized by shedding.

That is why schnauzers are so appreciated by owners, because there is no hair in the apartment, on furniture, and on clothes as a sign of a dog in the house.

To make the Zwerg look like a purebred and fashionable handsome bearded man, you have to observe basic rules of hygiene and regularly take time for grooming: once in six months to visit the groomer and have trimming (procedure of removal of dead hair, instead of shedding), and in between once in 1.5 or 2 months to have a cosmetic haircut - to form the face of the schnauzer.

In more detail about the grooming we will definitely explain to each owner. You should understand that to make proper grooming to your miniature schnauzer is not so hard, and as a result, you will always have a beautiful and purebred Zwergschnauzer.
How do Miniature Schnauzers get along with other pets?
The Zwerg is a sociable and friendly breed. If you have a cat at home, the puppy will show interest and try to make friends with it. Over time, they are sure to agree on the rules of comfortable living together and will become friends. The most important thing is for a cat not to hurt or scratch the puppy.

If the family, where there is an adult Zwerg, decides to buy another kitten - you are unlikely to have problems. Your dog will undoubtedly enjoy communicating with the kitten.
If you already have an older dog, you have to consider how friendly they are, whether they will be jealous, and whether they are prone to aggression towards pets. Familiarize carefully and under your vigilant control, do not leave them together for a long time without supervision for the first days, as a miniature schnauzer is small but not shy. But then the Zwerg will find an approach and a way to charm and make friends and become a full-fledged companion for the older dog. Domestic rodents and birds, namely hamsters, guinea pigs, parrots and others, are different stories. In this case, it is worth remembering that Zwergschnauzers were rat-catchers in the past, so their hunting instinct is preserved. You can keep rodents and birds in the house where the Zwerg lives, but you must not leave them alone in the open space with the Minis for the safety of small pets.
Is a Zwergschnauzer a good companion for an older person?
The keyword that Miniature schnauzer is the companion. The size of these dogs is compact enough to be handled by an older owner. The Zwergschnauzer will enjoy spending time and socializing with its owner. It is worth considering a few nuances. First, it is essential to pay attention to the education of Zwerg so he does not grow too spoiled. Second, the Zwerg is a fairly active dog, so you must ensure that the owner understands that it is not a dog for the couch and inactive lifestyle. They need joyful walks, games, activities, communication and interaction with other dogs.
The owner must understand that he will have to walk his dog any time of the year, in any weather. He assumes the responsibility and obligation to care for, groom, educate and protect his miniature schnauzer. The owner must understand that he will have to walk his dog at any time of the year, in any weather. He assumes the responsibility and obligation to care, groom, educate and protect his zwergie.
Can I recommend a Zwergschnauzer to people without experience raising and keeping dogs?
Definitely yes, Zwergschnauzers are deservedly вуыукмувдн among the top 10 popular breeds in the world. This breed is very people-oriented and intelligent, so they are easy to train and quick to learn the rules of living together.

Miniature Schnauzers are comfortable and cozy companion dogs that are great for both small apartment and private home living for both experienced owners and beginners.

A rather malleable and soft nature characterizes zwergschnauzers, so they quite easily accept the rules that the owner teaches them. The main thing is to be consistent and to encourage obedience.

At the same time, they have an excellent wit and intelligence, so the owners must have enough sense of humor and desire to understand the logic of their Zwerg.
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